Hey Brother, Arrested Development Season 5 Has A Kinda Sorta Premiere Date

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Hey Brother  Arrested Development Season 5 Has A Kinda Sorta Premiere Date Lucille Bluth excited gif

We’ve been hearing that a fifth season of Arrested Development would be happening on Netflix pretty much since the previous comeback season debuted in 2013. We’ve heard the news from producers and actors and Netflix people alike, but it was starting to seem like they’d just keep saying it would happen to keep fans happy but then never actually film anything. I was fully prepared to be asking about Arrested Development season five on my deathbed.

Well, that’s all changing, because Brian Grazer recently did a podcast with Adam Carolla in which he finally gave a kinda sorta premiere date. It’s not specific, but it’s the closest to a premiere date we’ve gotten, so I’ll take it. Grazer said he spoke with Fox Studios about the new season, and they’re on board, and “Netflix is determined to do more episodes, so we’re going to do more episodes.” Then he said production is likely to start after New Year’s, and the season would premiere “four months after that.”

So, if I’m interpreting that correctly and still semi-okay at math, it sounds like we could be getting new episodes as early as May 2016. And I have the perfect suggestion for a premiere date: Cinco de Cuatro, also known as May 4, also known as Lucille Bluth’s holiday to stop Cinco de Mayo from happening. Premiering it on any other date would be, well, a huge mistake. Unless they want to premiere it even earlier than that. I’d be even cooler with that version of events, actually.

While you’re watching and rewatching old episodes to tide yourself over and saying all the dialogue along with the characters because you’ve seen it so many times, just keep reminding yourself that this time around we’ll be getting even more episodes. Brian Grazer recently said the show is planning 17 episodes for the new season. Thanks for keeping us desperate fans updated, Brian. Marry me!

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