Arrested Development Has A Premiere Date…And I Just Blue Myself In Excitement

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Arrested Development Reunion 2012

Cancel all your barbecues and all your white pants fittings and all your potato salad tastings, because the long-awaited fourth season Arrested Development is premiering over Memorial Day Weekend 2K13. Yes, that's right, we can now finally start counting down the days until the Bluth Family returns to our TVs. For those of you with your calendars out and ready, all 15 episodes will go live on May 26th at 12:01 AM PT. Which means that you're going to be looking at a solid 7.5 hours of quality TV viewing on that Sunday.

So practice your chicken dance, try on your Motherboy outfit and prepare yourself for the best TV marathon ever by heating up the ole cornballer machine. Because like any loyal Arrested Development fans, you're going to watch all of these in a row. Then you're going to get online and talk about how you watched all of them in a row and then you're going rewatch them all in an attempt to memorize all the best quotes (fine, entire episodes) so you can spend the rest of the summer figuring out who's worth knowning.

Spoiler alert: if someone doesn't pick up on your AD line, then you're not picking up that person. After all, as you've probably read on the eHarmony blog, there are only two kinds of people in the world –those who understand what you mean when you say, “there's always money in the banana stand” and those who are watching that new diving show.

Sure, sure, you're going to have to turn down a lot of invites to BBQs and beach bonanzas and pool parties. But let's be honest. You get heat rash after you spend more than 6 minutes in the sun and you get stomachaches after you eat all the dip that's been sitting outside for hours on end. So save yourself the aloe and save yourself the tums and just spend your entire weekend watching Arrested Development.

Okay, maybe your real-life friends will judge you, but your Internet friends, the people who get it will embrace you with open arms. Or emoticons. Or cat photos. However it is that people on the Internet express happiness.

(Photo: Uproxx via Entertainment Weekly)