Arrested Development Planned A George Clooney Cameo That Sounds Magical

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Arrested Development Planned A George Clooney Cameo That Sounds Magical George Clooney Germany February 2013 jpg

I watched the new Arrested Development Netflix episodes and loved them (even though the timeline was like a Christopher Nolan movie for me), but after hearing about the storyline creator Mitch Hurwitz had planned for a George Clooney cameo, I’m playing “let’s go back and make that happen please and thank you” in my head. According to E! News, Hurwitz revealed in a conference call today that the show originally planned a storyline that would involve the one and only George Clooney.

“George Sr. (Jeffrey Tambor) has this land in Mexico and they was going to be constantly spooked and chased off the land by these really handsome men. We were going to get people like George Clooney,” Hurwitz said. “And they’d be like, ‘Who are these guys? Who are these Mexicans that are trying to get us off their property?’ And at one point [the handsome men] were going to say, ‘We are the Mexican Romneys!'”

So many things stand out to me from this quote. First of all, there are never enough celebrity cameos, if you ask me, in Arrested Development or in my own life (unfortunately there haven’t been many in the latter), and George Clooney is an entertaining man, so huzzah to that prospect! Also, “people like George Clooney” means there would be more than one George Clooney-level person involved. Who else would be there? Ben Affleck? Brad Pitt? The entire cast of Magic Mike in their stripper gear? I would enjoy this plot despite the fact that the George Sr. Mexico storyline was probably my least favorite part of the new season. That says a lot about how good Arrested Development is. Even when it’s not perfect, I’d still rather watch it compared to most of the stuff on TV. Lastly, I think I could probably listen to/read Mitch Hurtwitz telling me the entire plot of season 4, or any Arrested Development season, or any movie or TV show or book or anecdote, and be entertained. Not as entertained as I am when I’m actually watching it, but pretty darn entertained.

Here’s hoping we get cameos like this if the show does indeed come back for another season, which Hurwitz revealed in the same interview that he’s “game” for. Hurray!

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