Some Insane Genius Edited Season 4 Of Arrested Development So That It’s All In Order

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Unlike the majority of people out there, I actually really enjoyed the fourth season of Arrested Development. Sure it wasn't as amazing as the first three seasons, but I think our expectations got so high over the past few years that we forget that it's written by human beings and not scriptwriting gods in the sky. With that said, I certainly wish that there had been more character interaction between the members of the Bluth family. It's all the back and forth between all of them that made the show so amazing to watch. Also off topic a tad here, but where was Franklin? I know that the writers wanted to move beyond all our favorite jokes and come up with some new material, but they could've thrown Franklin a bone. Or a song. But Franklin being M.I.A is besides the point today. (But we will address it one day, on one very, very slow news day.)

Franklin Insult Gob Arrested Develoment


The point here today is that some amazing genius, who goes by the name morphinapg on Reddit, started re-editing the episodes so that they're in chronological order. While I haven't had the chance to rewatch them in this fashion yet, I'm real excited to see how it looks. While watching season four, I wished I had some kind of timeline in hand to remind me where everything fit together. On one hand, it was fun seeing Tobias spin around six times and sing out fallacy. On the other hand, I lost track of slept who slept with Lucille 2 and when. On the third hand, I still need to rewatch all the episodes to see what I missed during my binge sesh. But once I do that, I will gladly download all these episodes and see what the show would've looked like it if they had gone in order.

And then after I do that, I will order a new copy of my v-card from my doctor because rumor has it that an obsession over a TV show to this extent is a surefire way to lose friends and alienate people. In person. Online I'm sure I'll be more popular than ever! And that' what really counts these days! Am I right or am I right or am I the only one who thinks we'll look back on TV show forums as the A/S/L trend of the 2000s.

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