These Arrested Development Character Posters Make The New Season Feel So Close

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Arrested Development season 4 tobias poster 2013

Arrested Development Season 4 is only about a month away, everybody. We've still been having difficulty processing that information, even though the show is totally killing it promoting the new episodes. From the rewatch they're live-tweeting to the hilarious inside-jokey character posters released a few weeks ago to the latest Entertainment Weekly covers, every day there's a new Bluthy treat to discover. But it wasn't until I saw these new character posters, which actually show each of the actors in costume, that I felt like the new season was really almost here. There's something about seeing them all in one place as their characters that really makes the new season feel so close I can touch it.

The posters were put up on the show's Facebook page last night, like a treat from the TV fairy just waiting to be opening the next morning. Or at night if you happened to be looking at them then.

So look at them, enjoy them, and get ready for a Netflix marathon on May 26th.

arrested development season 4 george michael poster 2013

Is it just me, or does Michael Cera look almost the same as he did playing George Michael ten years ago?

arrested development season 4 lucille poster 2013

Looks like Lucille has an ankle bracelet. Should be an interesting plotline.

arrested development season 4 lindsay poster 2013

Who wouldn't love Portia de Rossi in that Lindsay pose? She now comes with an edgy haircut.

arrested development season 4 poster michael 2013

Good to see you again, Michael Bluth.

arrested development season 4 maeby poster 2013

Maeby is all grown up and texting!

arrested development season 4 buster poster 2013

Hey, brother! Looks like Buster's hook is here to stay. You're not a monster, buddy.

arrested development season 4 george poster 2013

George, Sr. is looking very dapper. No attic clothes for him.

arrested development season 4 Gob poster 2013

Looks like Will Arnett is not making a huge mistake reprising his role as Gob.

Is it okay if I jump into these posters like the sidewalk chalk drawings in Mary Poppins and just live in there? Because that's all I want to do right now.

(Images: Facebook)