The 25 Lines From Arrested Development Season 4 You’ve Already Memorized

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Well excuuuuuse me, I think I'm already obsessed with Arrested Development season 4 and I haven't even watched all 15 episodes six times each yet!  All of our favorite Bluths and supporting characters are back and better than ever, and it feels like nothing has changed.  The only hint that nearly a decade has lapsed between seasons is Portia deRossi's unfortunate plastic surgery. (Was anyone else as distracted by this as I was? Why do beautiful people do this to themselves? Ugh.)

Anyway, in case you haven't sat down for a full-on marathon yet, I've compiled 25 lines that we already have memorized–complete with GIFs!  So sit back, grab a piping hot cornball and enjoy our 25 favorite moments from the new season.

1.) Lucille Austero is back, minus her brown points but with vertigo still intact.  

2.) “Because of all the unpleasantness.”  GOB Bluth, oh how we've missed you.  Now who are you sleeping with?  I think it's the Bluth's maid.  Or Tobias.

3.) Forget-me-nows: “It's so easy to forget, it's so easy to forget.”

4.) “Perfect specimen of rugged manlessness.”  George Michael, you haven't changed a bit.

5.) “We're like twins!”

6.) “You're…a… crook, Captain Hook!”  I don't know what's better, seeing The Trial of Captain Hook again or Kirsten Wiig as a young Lucille in the audience.  Love.

7.) “You tip African Americans?”  Did anyone else notice the two workers' name tags read “Emil” and “Emile”?  And that they returned later in the season?  Love it.  Glad to see George Sr. is still a total dick.

8.) “Adios, brothiero!”  Of course Michael still doesn't know that “hermano” is Spanish for “brother.”

9.) “That's a low blow, Loblaw.” I assumed Barry Zuckercorn would return, but Bob Loblaw was an added bonus.

10.) “You might get some stares.”  

11.) “My beautiful hair!” Stan Sitwell, complete with toupees that get confused with kelp.

12.) “If you don't sign, you will be fine.”  I don't think I've ever loved anything as much as I love young Barry Zuckercorn.

13.) “Do you want me to tell Ron Howard to go f*ck himself?”  I'm so glad they kept the bleeps in.

14.) “How do you tell Ed Harris he's simply not a Barney?”  Ron Howard casting for the Andy Griffith movie?  Genius.

15.) “Is there a little girl here all by herself?” We didn't get to see him as quickly as I'd have liked since each episode was told from a different perspective, but once we did… worth the wait.

16.) Standard Tobias mini-musical number. I almost cried happy tears.

17.) The Oscar/George/Desert/Sweat Shack Scam plot line is crazy and perfect and thank you for casting John Slattery as a part of it.

18.) Carl Weathers doesn't beg for permission.


19.) Methadone vs. Method One. Naturally Tobias confuses a methadone clinic with a method acting class.

20.) “If that bird had gotten through my second layer of makeup, it could have done permanent damage.”  I hope Lucille 2 sticks around.  Forever.

21.) Michael is such a rebel!  The Rebel/Ron Howard/Michael storyline is the new “hermano” and I'm totally okay with that.

22.) “Look what they've done to me, Michael.  Look at what the homosexuals have done to me.” It wouldn't be complete without hearing Lucille say this at least 10 more times.

23.)  “You've given me a new sense of purpose.”  The GOB/Michael hermano-hood never gets old.

24.)  Okay, so this isn't a line or anything but that scene where Lucille is smoking into Buster's mouth might just be the best visual I've ever beheld in my entire life.


25.)  “Cinco de Quattro” Of course young Lucille took away Cinco de Mayo for personal gain.  Of course.  Also- hello, Kristen Wiig and Seth Rogen!


(GIFs courtesey of zebrapartners.net)