You Can Now Order Food And Get Arrested Development Jokes In The Same Place

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Arrested Development new episodes premiere in the UK May 2013You know that moment when two of your favorite things in life come together and you feel like the whole world is just for you? Well that's how I felt just now when I realized that Seamless Web got themselves on the Arrested Development promotional train. For those of you who aren't Seamless-initiated, it's this wonderful device that lets you sit at your desk at work and plot which of the many city-foods you'd like to be biked straight into your waiting, adoring arms and mouth. Pretty much any time I can make food arrive where I am just by clicking something with my finger, I'm obsessed with it. And even though Arrested Development has never caused food to materialize in front of my face, I'm still obsessed with it, because it tickles my brain right in its funny spot and makes me laugh out loud like a regular MRF. Or Mr. F, to all you Brits out there.

But anyway, Seamless has gotten in on the advertising campaign as we gear up to the fourth season release on Netflix on May 26th, and they've done it in the best way possible. With little to no fanfare — which is how I like all my ad campaigns run, in case any of you are taking notes — Seamless unveiled a new restaurant called ‘Bluth's Original Frozen Banana', located near Radio City Musical Hall…which, coincidentally, is where their banana stand is lurking today. Don't get too excited, because the delivery estimate is thirteen days (the amount of time before the show airs), and has a delivery minimum of a quarter mil, but I'm guessing we could rustle that up.

Seamless Web Arrested Development menu page one Seamless Web Arrested Development menu page twoJust look at all the options! Inside food jokes from three seasons of AD! I'm in heaven! In addition to frozen bananas (three sizes! each for only ten dollars!), you can also order corn balls, hot ham water, candy beans, a bottle of Cloudmir Vodka, and mayoneggs. I. Am. In. Heaven. I love Seamless, I love Arrested Development, and most of all I love tie-in campaigns. What more can you ask for? Let's raise this money! Although I will say, if you're so obsessed with ice cream sandwiches that you'll spend $250,000 to get them delivered…then you should probably marry them.

(Images: Daniel Deme via WENN.com / Seamless via HyperVocal)