New Arrested Development Stills Released — Get Obsessed

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Arrested Development Entertainment Weekly Will Arnett David Cross Portia diRossiLike a mirage of an oasis floating in the desert, sometimes I don't believe that the new Arrested Development episodes really exist. I want them so desperately and I've waited so long for them that they've attained an almost mythic status in my brain. I mean I guess I know they exist — I'm not a crazy person — but I can't help thinking that some obstacle will present itself that prevents me from enjoying them. You know, like if my sense of humor implodes or I forget how to speak English. This is how excited I am for the new episodes — these are real thoughts going through my head. But Entertainment Weekly is trying to soothe my troubled wits, by releasing new stills of the cast as the fateful day of May 26th inches closer and closer. There are three covers, and three stills from the new episodes, and they get me oh so very excited!

Arrested Development Entertainment Weekly cover with Will Arnett Michael Cera Jason BatemanThis cover is my most favoritest thing ever. Just the looks on all the guys' faces are adorable. I still haven't quite forgiven Will Arnett for ending my secret dream of ever having a threesome with him and his ex-wife Amy Poehler, but that pseudo-smirk is a massive step in the right direction. And Jason Bateman and Michael Cera are so perfect, too! Look at their little faces; I just want to squeeze them! And the hook hanging off the railing for Tony Hale as Buster Bluth? I love it! I'm obsessed with this, give me more of it.Michael Cera as George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development

Look, there goes Michael Cera as George Michael! Just cruisin' around on a Segway that I'm hoping he inherited from his uncle GOB. And he looks to be on a college campus, which is thrilling. Think of all the tragic interactions with lady students he could have! Just imagine! My awkward muscles are tensing up just thinking about it. Arrested Development Entertainment Weekly Tony Hale as Buster Bluth

And Army gets to figure in, too, it looks like. Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man, May 26th can't come quickly enough.

(Image: EW.com via Screen Crush)