New Arrested Development Set Photo Reveals A Spoiler About Where The Bluths Are Now

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It's such a weird experience to see all this hype around the Arrested Development season 4/movie deal! I remember when the show was on the air and yes, it was getting a lot of press about how it was constantly on the bubble, but never the same kind of eager anticipation that all the on-set twitpics and cover stories have been generating. With their recent Reunions Issue, Entertainment Weekly got plenty of dirt on what to expect from the Bluths this season—mostly about how we'll be reuniting with the family in some pretty dire straits.

Creator Mitch Hurwitz gave a vague tease that really got us thinking when he said, “They've destroyed the environment, the environment has destroyed them… There are a lot of ostriches. I would describe this season of Arrested as being bird-heavy.” Which of course has us agreeing with Gothamist that we should take this as a reference to one of the show's best jokes, the Bluths' various chicken imitations. Then again, the last time that a non-chicken animal figured into the plot — the “loose seal” that bit off Buster's hand — we had so much material for episode upon episode.

Hurwitz added, “Things have gone very badly for them in every way—sexually, biochemically.” Then Will Arnett clarified a bit: “Left to their own devices, these people always become the very worst versions of themselves. And they were left to their own devices once again, and they didn't disappoint. So you're going to find them in the most magnified states of disrepair. They made increasingly bad choices, and it's a snowball effect.”

This latest set photo we've found seems to really speak to that impending sense of doom. Beware, it will reveal a spoiler for the new season, though it won't ruin any jokes if that's what you're worried about. We all know and love the Bluth stair car, but a tipster sent this photo to Ain't It Cool News:

Arrested Development spoilers new season movie Lucille Austero Bluth stair car Liza Minnelli Buster Bluth photo

“Loose seal,” indeed! And by that I mean Lucille Two, or Lucille Austero—Lucille Bluth's social rival who romances Buster, Gob, and Stan Sitwell. We already knew that Liza Minnelli was coming back for the show/movie, but now we have a better idea of how she factors into things. In season 2 she became the majority shareholder for the Bluth Company, which was why Gob hooked up with her so she'd name him president. But it's clear that her power over the company has gotten even greater… maybe after Michael and George Michael fled the Bluth family party in the series finale.

The AICN tipster explained that s/he works near the Arrested Development set and first took a photo of the stair car we recognize from the series, with just “Bluth Company” written on it. But a few weeks later, the logo had changed. So, it seems like this development will occur during the episodes, not as a start to the new season.

As you can tell from the .gif above, now I'm even more excited for the series. Lucille Two wasn't my favorite supporting character, but she was a hoot. I have no doubt that this season, even if it starts in a low place, will be outrageously fun.

Photo: Ain't It Cool News

.gif: thetandashow on Tumblr