Hey Brother! These Arrested Development Photos Of Buster Bluth Will Make Your Day

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It's happening, it's really happening! I know we keep getting more and more proof every day that Arrested Development will actually return to us in the coming future, but it took these amazing photos of Buster Bluth to make me really believe it.

Like an unwelcome Buster back massage, these photos show that the show will return and it will return in all of its original glory.

Because nothing says Arrested Development's back quite like Buster Bluth (Tony Hale) running in a light blue woman's coat while waving his hook around. Oh also, I think he's wearing saddle shoes. God bless his heart and god bless whatever scene they're filming in these photos.

While I love all the Bluth siblings and their individual ridiculousness, Buster's always been my favorite. Maybe because I have a baby brother (who weirdly hates me when I compare him to Buster) or maybe because I always dream of spiting my parents by joining the army. But ever since he first mentioned cartography in that very first episode, I've loved him.

And as a by product, I love Tony Hale. However it doesn't bode well for his career that I always picture him as Buster in every other role he plays. I'm always like good for Buster to get a job and move out of Lucille's house!

Never in the history of my life have I been this excited for a movie (and short season of a canceled show) to come out. It gives me an actual valid reason to spend my day practicing my chicken dance. And making banana stand jokes and searching online for the best accessories for my Mrs. Featherbottom costume.

(Photo: Gaz Shirley, PacificCoastNews.com)