Original Cast Confirmed For Arrested Development On Netflix In 2013

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Michael Bluth and GOB in Arrested DevelopmentSince it was announced that Arrested Development would be coming back to TV — meaning Netflix on your TV or computer — news has come in drips and dribbles. So today's update isn't anything earth-shattering, but it's also yet another validation that our favorite dry sitcom is as scrappy as ever.

Writer Dean Lorey posted a quick update to his blog confirming that beloved cast members Jason Bateman, David Cross, Will Arnett, and others had returned. He also reiterated the promise of the new season premiering on Netflix next year. (The movie is set to come after.) Here's the whole post, pithy as it was:

We’re really doing this thing.  Mitch Hurwitz, Jim Vallely and I are off writing the new season of ARRESTED to premiere on Netflix in 2013.  The original cast is back.  There are offices and parking spaces.  We’re shooting this year.  I wish I could give more specifics but, for the moment, even the schedule is being kept under wraps.  But it’s happening and it’s great to be back with my pals from the show.  More later as it becomes okay to release further details…

Even though Lorey and co. can't yet give us any more insight into the movie's plot, we know that it's not going to be as meta as “insiders” say. Last fall, a rumor went around that the story would be a movie-within-a-movie, with the Bluths against Hollywood. But producer Brian Grazer shot that down; according to MTV News, he “denied rumors that the plot would follow Ron Howard as he tries to make a movie based on the series' characters the Bluths.”

So, all we can do is wait. And watch this clip:

There are so many good ones, but this is a favorite. Also: