The New Arrested Development Tagline Is The Perfect Inside Joke For Loyal Fans

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Arrested Development We've Unmade A huge mistake tagline

Anyone who's devoted the better part of their adult lives to memorizing entire episodes of Arrested Development knows that the line “I've made a huge mistake” is one of the best lines ever. It's repeated again and again by the Bluth Family throughout the show's three seasons, as well as throughout my own life. In the past, I've made a mistake at work, said that line aloud, gotten high-fived for my excellent pop-culture reference — and then fired because a huge mistake is usually pretty bad for business. My employment status at any given point in neither here nor there. What I'm trying to say is that the phrase, “I've made a huge mistake,” is part of my vocabulary now. Same with “her?” and  “STEVE HOLT!”

As we get closer and closer to the premiere of the fourth season, the Arrested Development Facebook page delivers more and more treats for us. Today's treat? The new tagline for the fourth season: “We've unmade a huge mistake.” It's perfect because not only is it a classic inside joke from the show, but it's also true. Canceling the show was a huge mistake, and now the powers that be unmade it. So it's kinda like a little present to everyone out there who obsessed about the show for years, never knowing if we'd ever see the family reunite again. (Props to @smedlee for coming up with this!)

Then again, I guess you could say the entire fourth season is a present for fans. Especially since we all know that this isn't a show you can just jump into during any given episode and understand. Pausing the show every time there's an inside joke turns a thirty-minute episode into a 19-hour marathon. I know because I once tried to watch a random episode from season two with my mom. Eventually you get tired of saying, “this is funny because…” And that's why I included the below video in this article. It's for the true fans who know what episode each of these “I've made a huge mistake” lines came from.