I Need A Moment — Kristen Wiig Will Play Young Lucille In New Arrested Development Episodes

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The Weinstein Company's 2013 Golden Globe Awards PartyYou guys. YOU GUYS. Kristen Wiig is one of the guest stars on the new Arrested Development episodes. That sound you're hearing? It's every molecule in my brain colliding in happiness and frothing into a delicious milkshake of infatuation and chicken imitations. This is officially the best combination of two things I love since labradoodles, Half Baked ice cream, and sleep-eating. (That third one doesn't officially exist, persay, but I'm inclined to believe in its existence due to the many times I've awoken in my own crumbs.)

Lucille BluthBut anyway. This is the best. It's just the best thing that could ever happen. I've liked everything I've heard about the new episodes so far, but this really takes the Quaaludes. And what's even better is that Kristen isn't just being thrown into the mix as a gratuitous celebrity, even though that's something that AD has mastered better than anyone else — hello, Andy Richter and fellow Richter quintuplets Donnie, Chareth, Rocky, and Emmett! And actually Kristen is probably the reigning queen of the gratuitous cameo in her own right, stemming from her many years of carrying the cast of Saturday Night Live¬† on her shoulders like a talented, gangly, lady version of Atlas. Just throw that woman in a sketch and point my face at it. I don't care if she has no conceivable reason for being there, I'll still be obsessed. But nope, instead of just adorably and hilariously dicking around, she'll be playing an actual character with an actual purpose: a young Lucille Bluth, aka a wee baby version of Jessica Waters. Oh man, I can hardly even write this post because I'm so excited to see these new episodes. I'm trying to think of inside jokes to make about Lucille, and all it's reminding me is that I need to re-watch the entire series in all its marvelousness again.

Let's just say…I can't wait to get back into that musty old clap-trap…and leave it at that.

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