Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Tweets Photo Of His Injured Butt In Cry For Parental Attention

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A skiing injury over the weekend left Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s cute 18-year-old son Patrick with a bruised and bloodied butt. And what better way for a millennial to begin the healing process than by posting a photo of his injuries to Twitter? (Warning: grossness ahead. Grossness and a little bit of butt.)

On Saturday, he tweeted this photo of himself in some sort of medical facility alongside the caption:

“Little ski accident today. Some bruises and stiches down back and but. Thanks to sun valley doctors for everything.”

I'm not sure how he managed to take this picture of himself in his injured state, but props to him for achieving a good angle, I guess?

After looking at the photo and realizing it was far too modest and sensible a document of his little brush with death, Patrick decided to Instagram this much more graphic photo yesterday, with caption:

My ski accident “living the hurt lifestyle”Lawford

I wonder how many different filters he tried before he got his blood to be the perfect shade of red? Also: nice booty (sorry, but it's true).

Patrick also had a surfing accident last year when his parents were splitting up. Could getting hurt via various leisure activities be his way of crying out for attention when his parents seem more interested in their own problems than in him? Maybe he surfs/skis/bear-baits just a little bit harder when he's upset about familial issues. Then again, maybe he just wanted an excuse to show us a picture of his ass. In which case: I approve. Maybe wait until it's not bleeding to take the next one, though.

(Via Gawker)