Gallery: 8 Celebrities We Didn’t Know Were Married

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Have you ever had the experience of talking about a celebrity — be it a hot new star like Armie Hammer or someone more established like Olivia Wilde — and finding out that s/he was married? It’s happened to us, eight times over. With so much of celebrities’ love lives laid bare in the tabloids, it’s surprising when a seroius, committed relationship doesn’t find its way into the public eye. Maybe it’s because the stars involved are too low-key to get the paparazzi’s attention, or maybe the marriage happened a while ago and you just missed the news.

So no, we’re not including surprise weddings that got a ton of publicity later; more like ones that just flew under the radar. Many of these couples are still happily married; in some cases, it was only when their divorce papers got leaked to the press that we even knew there had been a ceremony.