Video: The Musical Genius Who Brought Us ‘Friday’ Has A New, Seasonally Appropriate Song About Thanksgiving

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The guy who brought us the never-ending fount of delight that is Rebecca Black's “Friday” is back for more, and this time he's serious. He's enlisted a new rising star named Nicole Westbrook to sing a song called “It's Thanksgiving”  just in time to get everyone excited for turkey, mashed potatoes, and being really fucking mean on the internet.

Or rather, her parents have enlisted him for money, but no matter. As you can see, “It's Thanksgiving” follows the same formula as “Friday,” down to the way the lyrics are written; “we we we we gonna have a good time” parallels Black's infamous line “we we we we so excited,” and instead of the days of the week, young Nicole situates us in time by listing the various holidays. There are various other Easter eggs in the video for the true “Friday” connoisseur. There is also a white girl rapping, a turkey leg microphone, and a bizarre Thanksgiving dinner consisting of Patrice Wilson and a bunch of children.

Is Wilson just making fun of himself now? Judging from the shit-eating grin he's wearing when he pops up from the bottom of the screen, I would say so:

Will he be able to ride this song's self-conscious awfulness to viral success the way he did with Friday, perhaps at the expense of the little girl who is bound to become the butt of the joke? Who's to say? But when you're Patrice Wilson, it's a win win: no matter what happens, he still gets paid. I'm starting to think this guy's a genius.

(Via Vulture)