Those Who Do Not Learn From Their Shitty Parenting History Are Doomed To Repeat It, Like Ariel Winter’s Mom

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The drama between Ariel Winter and her mother Chrystal Workman doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon, with new daily allegations flying back and forth.  I'd be lying if I said that “showbiz moms” don't provide some sort of entertainment for me. Who doesn't love watching a boozy Dina Lohan make the Dr. Phil show even trashier than it already is?  Or “momager” Kris Jenner make everything trashier than it already is?  But when I read stories about alleged abuse, deceit and neglect when it comes to famous kids and their parents, it stops being funny.

Earlier today, TMZ reported that Chrystal Workman accused her older daughter, Shanelle Workman, of seeking out temporary guardianship of Ariel for the sole reason of cashing in on Ariel's money.  My first thought was, “Can this girl catch a break? She doesn't have anyone in her life she can depend on!”  But court documents seem to discredit the elder Workman's claims entirely, which hopefully means that Ariel is in a safe, supportive environment while all of this shizz goes down.

Other sources are reporting that Chrystal (who spells it like that, seriously?) lost custody of Shanelle the exact same way roughly 20 years ago.  Shanelle is also a working actress, though in lesser-known guest spots on shows like Grey's Anatomy and That's So Raven.  So basically it looks like Chrystal is either a really shitty parent who can't handle the success of her daughters, or she's batshit crazy and probably needs professional help for various personality disorders.  Or both.  Probably both.

Other outlets are reporting that Chrystal is lying about statutory rape allegations against an 18-year-old boyfriend of Ariel's.  Initially claiming that she was trying to “protect” her 14-year-old daughter from the sexual advances of her older boyfriend, court documents also show that these claims only came after an already scheduled hearing regarding Chrystal's less-than-stellar parenting.  I'm all for tough love, especially when it comes to teenage girls who are too young to be having sex and also think sex and love are synonymous, but considering she already lost custody of one child in the past, and that court documents aren't fictional novels, I'm less inclined to believe Ariel's crazy ass mother.

Regardless of who is right and who is crazy, I hope that Ariel finds some peace of mind and direction ASAP.  Something tells me that the amazing cast of Modern Family can hopefully give her what her real family isn't: stability and a bear hug from Cam.

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