Ariel On Drugs Poll Result

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Ariel on Drugs Poll Result eloise thumb jpgSo, Ariel on drugs. Not something we were un-opinionated about. 41 votes! The majority of you were either not thrilled or just hated the idea. I feel the same way. Drugs and the former Eloise just don’t go together!

How do you feel about the rumor that Ariel is doing drugs in season five?

  • I am all for it. Parents deal with kids on drugs all the time in the real world and I want to see how a psychic handles it.

    12-29% of all votes

  • I don’t know. I’m not really happy, but it certainly could add some drama.

    18-44% of all votes

  • It’s a horrible idea. I absolutely hate it and it will ruin the season.

    11-27% of all votes

Total Votes: 41

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