Ariana Grande Is Handling This Nude Photo Leak In The Dumbest Way Possible

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Ariana Grande flipping her hair GIFIf you've ventured outside your undersea cave dwelling in the past few days, you're aware that there was a massive leak of celebrity nudes on Sunday. And as much as I promised myself I wasn't going to weigh in on how the celebrities affected chose to handle it, that was before Ariana Grande opened her mouth.

Now, I haven't seen her photos, because I made the decision not to look, as I hope all of you did or do as well, so I don't know if they're real or not. It does seem likely, though, considering that reps for other victims such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton have acknowledged that they are real with strongly-worded statements identifying their theft as the criminal violation of privacy that it is. But Ariana's rep has gone in a completely different direction, telling BuzzFeed in an email:

“The photos are completely fake.”

Okay, sure, I can definitely understand wanting to shift the focus, and maybe the photos really aren't of Ariana. Like I said, I don't know because I didn't look, and I don't have an expert eye for Photoshop regardless. It certainly makes sense for Ariana to want to distance herself from this, given that her image skews so strongly to younger fans, but the part that doesn't make sense is Ariana saying she's hotter than the girl who appears in the photos…whoever she is.

I can't imagine Ariana really wants people to go look at the photos, but that's exactly what this tweet encourages them to do. Regardless of whether the photos are of you or not, this hacker is distributing them as if they are, and that crime is the one we should be focusing on here. Not whether your ‘lil ass' is cuter than the one in the photos. That's irrelevant in this situation, and minimizes the violation that's taken place here.

Cool Ariana. Thanks as always for your insightful feedback.

(Image: Tumblr)