Ariana Grande Showed Off Her Real Hair Sans Ponytail, This Is Not A Drill

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Ariana Grande Showed Off Her Real Hair Sans Ponytail  This Is Not A Drill Ariana Grande natural hair Instagram 2015 jpg

In a game of word association, what word would you immediately say in response to the prompt “Ariana Grande“? Well, besides “donut.” And “ugh.” I’m willing to bet “ponytail” would be your next choice, right? That’s been her go-to look for quite some time now, and by “go-to” I of course mean “only.” There have been a handful of times when she’s let it down, but even then it’s been the same old straight extensions.

But over the weekend everything changed. Ariana posted a collage of selfies to Instagram showing off her natural curls sans ponytail. She captioned it, “Peekaboo healthy curls long time no see.” You might remember last year when she explained that her hair had been damaged from frequent dyeing for her role on the Nickelodeon show Sam & Cat, and she felt more comfortable wearing extensions pulled back into a ponytail. It would seem that now her natural hair is healthy enough to show off, with some help from hairstylist Daline Rebollo.

And look how great she looks! Granted, that open-mouthed pose is making me uncomfortable, and I kind of wish she’d take those braids out so we could see what her curls look like completely down. But I’m just splitting hairs now (badum bum chh). I’d say I hope this means she’ll start giving her natural hair a chance at public appearances, but I don’t have a lot of confidence that’ll happen. After these selfies, Ariana posted a few photos and videos to Instagram featuring her classic ponytail.

Maybe she just needs to ease into it. Like when I tell myself I’m going to start eating healthier, so I have a salad for lunch, but then for dinner I order everything on the McDonald’s dollar menu. We can’t expect Ariana to just give up her ponytail cold turkey, but maybe the public’s positive reaction will lead her to try out some new looks. Otherwise we might need to arrange an intervention.

(Photo: Instagram)