12 Days Of (NSFW) Sexual Fanfic — Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande Shy(via)

So I introduced this yesterday, but Crushable is starting a tradition for Christmas this year of choosing one person a day and doing a big round up of some of the fanfic that's out there in the world about them. Definitely an odd take on the whole '12 Days Of Christmas' thing, but we've always been a little quirky over here.

So yesterday was Justin Bieber, and it got…pretty uncomfortable. Like it was pretty graphic, you guys. A lot of my own coworkers didn't even make it all the way through it, and that's saying a lot.

So I decided to tone things down a little today, and go with someone a little more PG-13 instead of R. And who better than Ariana Grande? Even looking around for it, it was difficult to find imagines for her that were anything more than cuddles and smooches. Hopefully it'll ease the transition back to normal life for you.

But of course, this is still the internet after all, so I did find some questionable stuff. And that said, there's one at the bottom that's definitely NSFW. Just so you're aware.

Ariana Grande Smile(via)

‘Y/N, Y/N, Y/N' Ariana said, poking your arm multiple times. You turned to face her and stared at her.
‘What?’ You said.
‘Why do you have to do homework? Can’t we do something fun?’ She said.
‘I have to do homework because it’s important if I wanna get to college’ you said.
‘College shmollege!’ She said, closing your book. ‘You have all night to do your homework! It’s only 6 o’clock’ Ari said, smiling sweetly. You sighed.
‘Okay!’ You said.
‘Yay!’ Ariana said, leaping across the room to get her bag, also getting yours at the same time.
‘Where are we even going?’ You said, Ariana dragging you along by your hand. 
‘Wherever the road takes us Y/N, wherever the road takes us’ she said…


YOU GUYS THAT'S THE WHOLE THING. That's the whole imagine. This person's fantasy is apparently Ariana Grande criticizing further education.

Ariana Grande Hair(via)

imagine if ari grande (the boy version of ariana) was at your school waiting outside the front door. and when school ended he'd come to you and wrap you in his arms and kiss you. cause he's sweet like that.


Oh yes and the boy version of Ariana makes an appearance, but even he is kind and respectful.

Ariana Grande Shrug(via)


In this one, Justin Bieber dies. I think he was hit by a car? And he dies in Ariana's arms as she throws her ‘crying and shaking lips' all over him.

Ariana Grande Laughing In Desert(via)

Back in my room I climbed into my bed and let Justin know he could do the same after he made his way to a chair.

He undressed, except of his Boxers and lay down next to me. “It’s not easy to try to fall asleep when your butt is pressed against me like that.” He said after a while. I quickly turned around. “I didn’t say it was bad though.” He winked. “Shut up!” I said, punching him playfully. He laughed.


A little more Justin, except he's alive in this one and he's made it all the way into the bedroom! But no, he still doesn't get any. 🙁

Ariana Grande Oops(via)

I was bad because I wanted that rush that get when I just escaped danger. And ever since that day at the mall I’ve been looking for that. I wanted the fast life. Even after I had Truly I still didn’t slowed down like I should’ve. And now it has gotten me to a place where I know my innocent looks wouldn’t work, it would only make this worst. I guess my mother replaced my conscience because all  I can hear in my head is;

¡Oh, Mio Dio, get that boy from between your legs!

“I love Ariana,” he whispered making me cringe. The places between my knees and waist were throbbing severely. A tear fell from each eye as I looked passed him and at Chris. The fact that he couldn’t even look me in the eyes made me realize it was over.


Sigh. In this one, she's dating Chris Brown, who gives her really special throbbing feelings in all the places between her knees and her waist. Sounds…medical.

Ariana Grande Laughing In Interview(via)

Cat shook her head, waves of red hair falling to touch Jade's cheeks and in a surprised inhale Jade could smell her, could really smell her, and for a moment she has so pissed that she had nearly died without smelling Cat one more time, without kissing her.

“Kiss me, Cat. Please.”

Cat didn't have to be asked twice, pressing her mouth hard against Jade's. Jade's lips were numb at first and it was hard to get her brain to react but eventually she was kissing her back, hands holding tight to Cat's cheeks. It felt like ages since she had kissed her, touched her, smelled her…


Oooh, some Victorious fan fiction. They really like smelling each other.

Ariana Grande Dancing(via)

We both smiled, and gazed into each others eyes, the temptation grew until it was bigger than me, her round soft lips were calling me, I dived in and kissed her rosy red lips and in those few seconds I felt safe, nothing could hurt me or her. I shouldn’t of released myself from her, the moment I did the world came crashing down.


Have I mentioned yet that I love the verbs these fans use? This one's about Justin Bieber again, just diving into her lips.

Ariana Grande Hair Thing(via)

Ariana Grande fanfiction


I am obsessed with this one. It is the best thing I've ever seen. SHE GAVE ME BETTER SEX THAN YOU!

Ariana Grande IDK(via)

Liz finally released a soft gasp but manage to remain otherwise silent as the friction Ariana was causing between her legs made her want to cry out. Shifting her leg to give the redhead better access, Liz reached down and guided Ariana's hand beneath her panties. The instant contact of skin to skin brought a gasp from Ariana's lips and she happily slid two fingers into her friend drawing a reluctant grunt of approval from Liz's throat. Moving slow, Ariana thrusted her fingers until Liz was arching and twisting beside her. A bit of ingenius maneuvering helped Liz find Ariana's lips in the dark, kissing her to help muffle the moans she wanted to let spill.


…sorry guys. Cringe-fest. Had to do it.

Tune in tomorrow for all the Twilight fanfic that's almost fit to print!