5 Facts About Ariana Grande, The New Nickelodeon Star To Watch

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Ariana Grande at Kids Choice Awards March 2013Meet Ariana Grande, star of the Nickelodeon series Victorious and singer of the newly-dropped single ‘The Way', featuring Mac Miller. It was released today and shot immediately to #1 on the charts, so basically if you haven't heard of this girl yet, you're already behind, because she's poised to blow up. First of all she's a triple threat — actor / singer / dancer — like many Nickelodeon stars before her, except she has the added bonus of actually performing on Broadway for the show 13, back in 2009. Yeah, Broadway. Pretty legit. And she was fifteen at the time, so put your impressed faces on. She'll also be appearing as Cat Valentine in the spinoff of Victorious and iCarly called Sam and Cat. But these are all the standard things that pretty much anyone would know. If you're really trying to get prepared for this girl to make it big, like I am, you gotta know a little more about her, right? With that in mind, here are some in-depth details about her so you can impress your friends when she's on every magazine cover in a few months. Study up.

1. First of all, the basics: Ariana is nineteen years old, born June 26th, 1993, and raised in Florida. She's fully Italian, half Sicilian and half Abruzzese, and girl can SANG. Check her out going live and a capella on Z100 with her new song. Impressive. And that was like four facts in one, so say thank you.

2. She's best friends with her Victorious co-star Elizabeth Gillies, whom she met when the two of them starred in 13 together.

3. She's a natural brunette, and dyed her hair red for Victorious, because the whole rest of the cast had brown hair, and they wanted some variety. She went with a ‘red velvet' shade, which she can actually totally rock. Props.

4. According to IMDB, she's hypoglycemic, which basically means that she needs to be extra aware of her blood sugar, because it drops off much more quickly than a normal person's. Trust me, I have it too.

5. As a ten year old, Ariana co-founded the charity Kids Who Care, a youth singing group that performed at fundraising events and raised over $500,000 just in 2007.

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