Ariana Grande Doesn’t Even Like Acting, So Consider Yourselves Betrayed

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Ariana Grande performing at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade November 2013It's barely even the afternoon, and already the air stinks of betrayal. And if I'm not mistaken, it's wafting over from this Ariana Grande interview.

Although you probably know her for her music, Ariana really got her start on Nickelodeon, playing a small role on iCarlythen moving on to a show called Victoriousand finally transitioning to the show she's at now, her own spin-off called Sam & CatShe moved up the ranks in acting, and once she got famous enough, she was able to use it to launch her career. What a coincidence, right? Isn't it fun how that worked out?

Except it wasn't a coincidence. It was a cold-blooded betrayal, plain and simple. Turns out that Acting was the nerdy kid at the prom that Ariana asked to dance with her so she could catch the eye of Music, the cool guy lurking in the corner. Speaking to Complex magazine, Ariana admitted:

“I never liked acting. I auditioned for TV just to get a platform to get a record deal and then I fell in love with acting because it was fun.”

Yeah right Ariana. YEAH RIGHT. I've seen teen movies, okay?? I know how this turns out. This is the part where TV roles find out you never really loved them, that you were only pretending to be into them for a stupid bet or a dare or something like that. And now that you have the real dude you wanted, you can stop pretending that the first guy meant anything to you.

“After I'm done playing Cat Valentine I don't see myself doing much acting, but I would do a scary movie or a musical.”

See?? Now that everything is exposed, you're not looking for anything serious all of a sudden, but you'd settle for, like, hooking up. I GET IT. So they rush away crying, only to have you come up behind them, slowly turn them around and wipe away their tears and whisper, “But that was before I knew you! Now we're in love! Don't you know that?”

I know I speak for the television when I say, that behavior isn't going to stand anymore. Try to convince me all you like, Ariana Grande, but good luck doing it, now that I know our whole life together is a lie!

(Photo: Mr. Blue / WENN.com)