Perez Hilton Concern-Trolls Ariana Grande About Alleged Drug Use, Regular-Trolls Her Fans

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Ariana Grande 56th Annual Grammy Awards January 26 2014Oh no, you guys. Perez Hilton went on a Twitter trolling spree, during which he alleges that he'd heard that Ariana Grande was doing drugs at a party. I'm saying “oh no” because this then caused the Earth to slide right off of its axis and into a big pile of threatening Arianator tweets. It turns out that both sides of this internet fight are wrong, and it also turns out that that's my most favorite type of drama.

So, here's how the whole thing got started. Ariana did or didn't go to a party and was or wasn't spotted doing cocaine while there. The level of truth is fuzzy because the tweet is just dripping with troll quicksand, which, if 90's TV has taught you anything, you should always be cautious about getting sucked into. But that's okay, because that's not even where things got crazy. The insanity actually started precisely when Perez tweeted at Ariana's brother, Frankie, her mother, Joan, and Nickelodeon to let them know how very concerned he is about the poor lass. Rumor has it that the tweets were typed from underneath the bridge that he keeps warm for fellow troll, Shia LaBeouf, but you know how rumors can be. (Sometimes true, sometimes entirely made up by me.)

And speaking of rumors, Ariana's fans probably hated that he was bringing up this rumor about her doing drugs. But what I know without doubt that they hated more was the fact that Perez pledged to continuously tweet to Ariana and her family until she addressed the hate-tweets that he was getting from some of her fans. And this is where the sweet sensation of double-wrongness comes in. Because, yeah Perez's weird faux-concerned tweets to Ariana and her family about her potential drug use is not okay. But so is threatening someone and their baby, which is what was apparently the most dazzling option to the Arianator Crusaders. Like, “I think that he's bullying my favorite pop star, so my only course of action is to bully him back. I shall call it re-bullying, now give me some praise plz.”

I just don't understand why people, young or old, don't realize that 1) they are committing a crime every time they threaten someone, over the internet or otherwise, and 2) they're not even close to as anonymous or untraceable as they think they are. That said, Perez's attempts to force Ariana to make her fans lay off make zero sense to me. Maybe she should tell them that bullying isn't okay, but also maybe everyone should just know not to bully. Him constantly tweeting her and her family about it just comes off as off-putting and attention-seeking.

The tweets seem to have since been deleted from Perez's Twitter but, because this is the great and powerful internet, they're all laid out for your viewing pleasure on ONTD. In the end, I really, really hope that the rumors about Ariana's drug use are just that — rumors. I know that addiction is a reality of life, but that's never made it any less heartbreaking. But in case they are true, let's not pretend that we're soo concerned by trolling every person in her life and actually offer her something that she could use, like actual help. Would ya look at that, there's a lesson in this for everyone.

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