Ariana Grande Is Releasing A New Christmas Song Every Week, Proving Thanksgiving Is No Longer A Thing

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Ariana Grande arriving at MTV VMAs August 2013

Yesterday on Twitter Ariana Grande announced that she will be releasing a new Christmas song every week leading up to the holidays, starting on November 19. My immediate response to this news is, “Whoaaaa there, girlfriend. Slowww down.” This is mostly because Thanksgiving is very dear to me and I think it deserves more respect.

On November 2 (two days after Halloween), I went to the mall and was shocked and offended to see that kids were already lining up to sit on Santa's lap. Come on, this is as bad as Nick Jonas performing a solo gig less than a week after the Jonas Brothers break up. Take a breather and reflect on the holiday you just finished. A holiday, I might add, that was very highly anticipated for about two months beforehand thanks to pumpkin-flavored everything. Now you're already moving on to holiday Starbucks cups and It's a Wonderful Lifetime (it starts this weekend, by the way)?

But most importantly, must we completely ignore a wonderful little holiday called Thanksgiving in our rush to pass money back and forth in the form of presents? Thanksgiving is amazing. There are sweaters and food and football (if you're into that) and parades and turkey naps and sandwiches made out of leftovers. It's bad enough that Black Friday sales start Thanksgiving night nowadays, so as soon as we're done being thankful for the things we have, we can move on to buying the things we don't have… at discounted prices! Give Thanksgiving a chance. Maybe we should write some songs about that.

But back to Ariana. The first song will be “Last Christmas,” which is a Wham! cover. You'll probably hear it approximately 5,000 times in Forever 21 dressing rooms over the next month. She says she'll also be releasing original tunes. That's great for Ariana's fans and all, and I love her voice so I'm sure I'll enjoy these new releases, but isn't this a little excessive? It was one thing when Justin Bieber decided to start Music Mondays, but at least those weren't all focused on one holiday. Maybe it's enough to just release all the songs at the same time? But I'm a self-admitted Scrooge, so there you have it.

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