Ariana Grande May Cancel That Duet With Chris Brown, So You Did A Good Job For Once, Internet

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Ariana Grande May Cancel That Duet With Chris Brown  So You Did A Good Job For Once  Internet Ariana Grande rehearsing with Chris Brown in Instagram photo March 2014 jpgI don’t want to get your hopes up, internet, but you might be back in my good graces for a second.

In between all the racism and the vile comments, you created enough backlash about the Ariana Grande and Chris Brown duet that you may have gotten her team to completely call it off. Congratulations! But don’t let it go to your head. I’m sure you’ll be railing at me again by mid-afternoon.

In case you need an update on this story, Chris posted an Instagram of the two of them in a dance rehearsal about three weeks ago, which Ariana re-posted with his username tagged and the hashtag #comingsoon. And thennnn everybody got really bummed out, including us. We were so grossed out by the fact that she’d want to work with him that we didn’t even write about it. We’re just tired of jumping up and down reminding people that Chris tried to beat Rihanna to death in 2009, only to see him get nominated for Grammys, rack in amazing artist collaborations, sell out concerts, and just generally refuse to take responsibility for a single mistake, y’know?

But good for you, internet! Especially you, Arianators! You had our back on this one, and you made so much noise about it that you actually forced her team to reconsider! All they’ve done for now is delay, and then maybe reschedule, but it’s a huge step in the right direction that people are actually considering this from all angles.

Again, this might not be about his past, like I’m hoping, and may be more about the fact that he was kicked out of his rehab program and arrested, but a girl can dream, okay? Especially because Ariana’s tweet makes it sound like she knows it’s controversial, and even if she’s just in the back seat, I’m just thrilled she’s no longer at the wheel driving straight at this thing.

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