Ariana Grande’s Brother Thinks Lesbians Choose To Be That Way…Which Is Weird Because He’s Gay

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Frankie Grande freaking the Frankie out from Big Brother GIFI'm starting to regret being so hard on Ariana Grande, because now that I've heard her brother Frankie‘s views on homosexuality, it's clear that ‘idiot' runs in her family. Before I thought her inane comments must be the result of some kind of choice she was making to be a dummy, but now it's become clear to me that she was just born that way!

Whereas in order to find out the full extent of Ariana's delusion, we have to wait for her to give cringe-inducing interviews, Frankie is currently living in the Big Brother house, so his every word is recorded on camera. What a gift! Which is how we came to see a conversation that he and the rest of his housemates were having on whether homosexuality is a choice.

First of all, if you're a follower of oh, I don't know science, you'll know that that doesn't even need to be a discussion. But even though Frankie IS HIMSELF GAY (and thirty-one, so he should know better), he's pretty sure that you're only ever born with a predisposition to homosexuality (through ‘genetic markers in your blood'), and that the rest is a choice you make due to how you were raised. That's already incredibly incorrect, but just wait, there's more!

That theory, which he's pontificating on to a room full of reality TV contestants who don't know any better (plus a human American flag who lies on the floor the entire time), apparently only applies to gay men. Only they are born with this mythical predisposition — women never are.

“Any lesbians choose to become lesbians later in life. Women who have been with man after man after man after man choose to become a lesbian later in life. Gay men it doesn't work so much that way. It's usually they're like ‘oh okay, no I'm gay.'”

UN-believable. And like I said, other people in the house are totally down with his claims, accepting them as fact simply because Frankie happens to be a member of the community that he's so ignorant about. Every person accepts the statement that all lesbians and some gay men CHOOSE to become gay after being mistreated by members of the opposite sex.

Man. If you really believe this nonsense, you better call your sister, because she's 99.9% certain that a dude cheated on her with another dude — and by your logic, that means she officially turned him gay! Sorry, Ariana! He's your moron!

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