Ariana Grande’s Brother Finally Got Kicked Off Big Brother, Which Serves Him Right

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Ariana Grande s Brother Finally Got Kicked Off Big Brother  Which Serves Him Right Frankie Grande freaking the Frankie out from Big Brother GIF gifI firmly believe I was placed on this earth to help keep Ariana Grande and her family’s egos at a manageable size, so you can’t imagine how pleased I am to announce that her brother Frankie has been evicted from Big Brother. Finally.

I don’t actually watch the show anymore, because the multiple racist players from last year have still left a bad taste in my mouth, but according to The Wire, Frankie has gotten more and more annoying as the season progressed. He started out as a normal contestant, but about halfway through made a ‘big reveal’ about the fact that he wasn’t who he said he was — a normal person, essentially — because of his celebrity sister, for one thing, but also because he truly believes he’s famous in real life. In his little ‘coming out as famous’ speech, he not only called himself an ‘internet personality’, but also a ‘social media mogul’. I wish I was exaggerating, but that’s the level of douchebaggery we’re working with here.

Unfortunately, up until this point, he’s been getting a very kind edit, which viewers who watch the 24/7 feeds attribute to his celebrity connection. Aside from his inane comments about lesbians choosing their lifestyle (made even more idiotic by the fact that he himself is gay), not much of his bad behavior has made it to air. But that all changed with his eviction, when he went off on an absurd rant claiming that he was the best player in the game, no one could beat him, and that he’s the most convincing speaker in the house. It was supposed to be a final plea with the other players to save them, but instead it was just an embarrassing look at the dimensions of his ego.

“By doing this to me, you have created the most powerful person in this game. Because when I step out of those front doors, you are reconnecting me with my millions of followers.”

Millions, huh? Your Twitter following looks more like 893,000 to me, but we all have different skills, so maybe math just isn’t one of yours.

And in honor of this blessed day of Frankie’s cockiness finally coming back to bite him, let’s celebrate with this other video showing some of his most inappropriate moments that may not have made it onto your TV.

Good riddance, Frankie. Don’t let the door hit your ass on your way out.

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