Ariana Grande’s Album Debuted At #1, But Tell Me Again Why She Isn’t The Best?

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Ariana Grande performing on Today September 2013Whenever you guys want to apologize for not being as obsessed with Ariana Grande as I am, I'm ready to receive said apology. We interviewed her for the first time four years ago, in 2009, and got re-obsessed with her five months ago when she first dropped ‘The Way', but you wouldn't take our word for it, would you? Even though we obviously know what we're talking about, having followed this girl's career, you just haaaad to wait to get on the Ariana bandwagon until her debut album Yours Truly hit number one on the charts in its first day out. I see how you are.

Ariana appeared on Today this morning to promote the album and perform two songs from it, and you guys, she is just the sweetest, cutest little button. She's still at that great stage where Taylor Swift pretends to be all the time, where she's blown away by the fan support, and really giggly about having all the attention on her. Then she has the poise of Selena Gomez, but with the double the talent. The charm and openness of Demi Lovato, but the pure raw vocals of someone like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, two of her heroes. She's pretty much the total package, guys, and I'm so glad we're all into knowing about that, now.

Look how mature and calm she is! You can tell she's definitely having trouble with the audio, pretty much all the way through the song this morning, because she keeps taking her earpiece out and putting it back in again, and harmonizing with the background vocals instead of blending with them, but she just powered through. Even though Mac Miller pointed out he was having issues, messing up a lyric and thanking the ‘bass guy', Ariana never faltered except to giggle adorably when stuff happened that she wasn't expecting. You can tell she gets a really pure joy out of singing, and she put on a great performance for the fans because SHE IS THE BEST.

And I'm so excited for her, you guys. Yours Truly is available in stores starting today, September 3rd, or all over the internet wherever you may look. Entertainment Weekly is calling it ‘one of the most enjoyable albums of the year.'

(Image: Ben Gabbe / Getty Images)