Are Kreayshawn And Casey Anthony The Same Person?

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Holy shit. Someone made a photo composite of fashion rapper Kreayshawn and possible child murderer Casey Anthony that shows them totally looking alike. Is it just the angle and lighting of the two photos, or were these two separated at birth? You know you're in trouble when Kreayshawn is the good twin.

Casey Anthony is four years older than Kreayshawn, so probably not. But they do have some similarities, like, um…

1.) They both have a lot of “haters.”

2.) Neither seems terribly into the idea of being a mother.

3.) The cold, dead eyes of a shark.

4.) Constant thoughts of murder.

5.) A love of getting hyphy.

Maybe those last two don't quite match up (or do they?). Anyway, other photos of the two women show them looking quite different:

…And I'm pretty sure Kreayshawn thinks Casey Anthony is a basic bitch. But more importantly, if Kreayshawn had ever murdered anyone, you can bet she'd be using it to up her street cred. THEORY DEBUNKED.