Archie Panjabi Is Leaving The Good Wife, So Feel Free To Start Crying Now

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Archie Panjabi Is Leaving The Good Wife  So Feel Free To Start Crying Now Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma in The Good Wife GIF with Lana gifHave I told you guys lately to start watching The Good Wife? I don’t think I have, so here goes — start watching The Good Wife. And soon, before Archie Panjabi leaves it forever and breaks my heart.

That’s right you guys. I can barely believe it myself, but TV’s biggest badass, investigator  Kalinda Sharma will be disappearing from our television sets at some point before next season. And that’s if we even get that far, because apparently CBS hasn’t yet renewed the show for a seventh season. Today is just full of bad news.

Well, bad for me, anyway, because I love Kalinda with my whole heart, but actually probably pretty good for Archie, because she’ll be leaving the show to star in a 20th Century Fox drama pilot. No small potatoes, and it makes sense, given how insanely talented she is, but I’ll still be devastated to see her go. Something that Sharon Klein, executive vice president of casting at 20th Century Fox wants to rub in my face with this statement:

“Archie is an Emmy-award winning dramatic actress, and rightly so. Her work on The Good Wife has been extraordinary, and the time has come for her to star in a project of her own. We couldn’t be happier that it will be with us.”

I GET IT. She’s yours now, 20th Century Fox, and you’re really happy together, but some of us are still in mourning, okay? Because even though Kalinda and Alicia haven’t been in a scene together since season four (true story), some of us were still hoping that they’d make up and give us back that sweet sweet friendship we’ve been missing. But apparently all hope is not lost, at least according to the show’s co-creators, Robert and Michelle King:

“Archie is an amazing actress who helped build Kalinda from the ground up as an enigmatic, powerful and sexy character. It’s been a pleasure to write for her, and we’ll be sad to see her go; but we still have her for the rest of season six, so let’s not exhaust our goodbyes yet. We look forward to meeting all the wonderful new characters Archie brings to the screen. But either way, we’re keeping the boots.”

The boooooots! Such great boots. Don’t forget to tune in every Sunday at 9:00pm on CBS to squeeze every drop out of those boots before they’re gone. SOB.

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