Sorry All Other TV Shows, These Nudes Of The Archer Cast On Reddit Win The PR Game

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Archer Woo


We've been telling you to get into Archer for a while now but, if you haven't listened to our advice yet, maybe the nude photos of the cast posted in Reddit's Gone Wild section will convince you. In an instance where the internet was used in such a perfect way that Al Gore himself would well up with pride, scandalous cartoon nudes of the main characters were advertised alongside of actual-people nudes posted on the site. Why, you ask? In order to promote the show's upcoming season, that's why!

That's right, you guys; we're looking at a brilliant TV show and an even more brilliant ad department, which is definitely due for a pizza party or something. And I'm no Don Draper (seriously, I'll never be as good at ruining everyone's lives as he is), but I can't think of a better way to advertise than by locating exactly where your audience is and then becoming one of them. It'd be like if a celebrity wrote smutty fan fiction to promote their new chapter book of fan fiction about themselves. Slightly creepy factor aside, can you imagine how many of those books would be sold? A lot, which is what I feel like will be the result of this PR game they're playing over at Archer.

I seriously hope that this show never stops being more awesome than every other show like it. And I also hope that this becomes a trend among all TV shows, because I'm really looking forward to the day when Hannah Horvath posts on my Facebook wall that we “totally need to grab lunch some time!” In the meantime, though, I'll be patiently awaiting both the show's season premiere on January 13th and the next set of amazing ads that I hope are in the works as I type this.