Gallery: Anton Yelchin Through The Years, In Honor Of His 23rd Birthday

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Anton Yelchin 23rd birthday The Beaver Like Crazy Charlie Bartlett

Many of us first learned of Anton Yelchin‘s talent with one of his more recent roles: Like Crazy, Star Trek, or maybe 2007's Charlie Bartlett if you're into indie movies. But as it turns out, Anton's been in the biz since he was a little kid, doing the usual guest roles on procedurals as well as having small parts in some pretty recognizable movies.

Today is Anton's 23rd birthday; he's a growing boy, and in no two roles does he look the same. Whether he's experimenting with hair length or probing the genre spectrum to see if he's better as a romantic lead or an action one (hint: he rocks every role), he proves that he's still finding his way as an actor. So, if you didn't get the chance to grow up with him, here's your chance to do so now.