ANTM Obsessed a Winner for Oxygen

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Getting the exclusive cable rights to America's Next Top Model proved to be a smart move for Oxygen.

The ratings for their first ANTM marathon, which aired January 18, gave the network their best ever Sunday show, up 113% among women 18-34 over the week previous, and 25% increase in overall viewership. Sunday also saw the network's median viewer age drop to 29, the lowest ever!

The ANTM Obsessed website has lots of great features as well, including regular interviews with former ANTMers, polls, fan blogs, videos, trivia and more! All this great material meant the ANTM Obsessed website saw an increase of 4,688% in page views last Sunday.

ANTM Obsessed returns this Sunday when Cycle 6 will air from 11am to 11pm! Cycle 6 winner Dani Evans was named everyone's favorite ANTMer ever in last week's poll, prompting Oxygen to pull Cycle 6 from the vault. Be sure to tune in!

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