17 Popular TV Shows That Are Actually Anti-Feminist

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The Gilmore Girls Revival

The WB

It makes me so sad to say this, but the recent Gilmore Girls revival is nowhere near as badass and feminist as the original series. Sure, the original was full of boy-talk and other stereotypical ‘womanly' pursuits. Every season basically represented a new relationship for Rory. However, it had plenty of non-boy related, super feminist plotlines that ultimately redeemed it. The same cannot be said for the revival. It's literally all about dating or pleasing men! It's so anti-feminist! The girls seem to have totally lost their feminist spark, and Rory has actually become a pretty awful person. She's cheating on her boyfriend with ex-flame Logan. She meets up with her other exes and shows a strange dependency on both of them. The once independence-loving Lorelai half-jokingly, half-not asks her daughter to get married. Who even are these characters? What happened to them?!