17 Popular TV Shows That Are Actually Anti-Feminist

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Have you ever watched a show and got that sinking, “sexism is coming” feeling? You're not alone. Despite the huge steps that the feminist movement has made over the past few decades, there's still a long way to go. The TV industry is still guilty of giving out pretty anti-feminist messages in its shows — no matter how much we love them. Some examples are incredibly disappointing – it's gut-wrenching when a show you thought treated women well turns out to be a hotbed of misogyny. Often, women and the stereotypes that surround them become the butt of jokes. Their apparent inferiority is laughed at and normalized. In some cases, shows that actively claim to be feminist actually miss the mark completely.

We've put together a list of shows that are actually super anti-feminist. Some are pretty surprising, while others have been considered problematic for years. The worst part is that a lot of these TV shows are still on our screens and some of our favorites.