Ansel Elgort Is Even Sappier Than His Character In The Fault In Our Stars, Prepare To Swoon

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I have absolutely no shame in revealing that while I'm neither young nor adult, I am incredibly excited for the young adult movie version of The Fault In Our Stars.  Mostly because anything John Green writes kind of gives me a nerdgasm (the fact that I just used the word “nerdgasm” is a nod to me not being young or adult), and also because it's just a really beautiful love story that has absolutely nothing to do with Nicholas Sparks.

Ansel Elgort, who will play the role of Gus, has already made me weep in the TFIOS trailer, which is obviously not real life.  Except the real-life Ansel made me a little damp in the eyeball region when he talked about love to Teen Vogue recently:

“Fault is a beautiful, honorable love story that I hope I'll get to experience in my own lifetime. It makes you grateful for any love you have in your life.”

Oh Ansel, you sweet, hopeful, young lothario, you.  If you haven't read the book yet (who even ARE YOU), then you don't know how right he is. I remember reading through the blurry last pages (you know, because I was sobbing uncontrollably into my shirt sleeve) and feeling happy, warm things for the people I care about in my life.  I honestly really enjoy hearing a young guy speak so candidly about love, and how much he enjoyed filming the movie.

“We would cry all the time,” Ansel says. “It felt good. I let it out.” After wrapping in Pittsburgh, they went to Amsterdam for a week and filmed at the Anne Frank House and various outdoor city locations. “We had a wonderful time in Amsterdam together,” he says dreamily. “I bet we walked every single block.”

“He says dreamily”… man, does Teen Vogue know their audience, or what? Can't you just picture Shailene Wodley and Ansel walking along the canals of Amsterdam, getting emotional over harvesting herbs and the danger of pesticides?  But seriously, what a sap.  And from one total sap to another, I mean that in the warmest possible way.  I can't wait to have an emotional breakdown in the movie theater.

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