Another View Of The Jolie-Pitt French Getaway

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Another view of the Jolie Pitt French getaway jolie pitt france 1 sp jpg

Here’s a better photo of the absolutely gorgeous house where Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are staying in the French Riviera. That house is just breathtaking. As far as size goes, it is way more than I would ever need, but the architectural style is definitely my cup of tea.

Another view of the Jolie Pitt French getaway jolie pitt france 2 sp jpg

Now here’s a discussion. Here’s a photo of Angelina Jolie sitting outside on the deck, apparently enjoying a little al fresco moment. Maybe she’s having a cup of tea, maybe one of the kids is having a snack outdoors. We’re too far away to see – which is good because it means that the cameras are far away too and not right up in everyone’s face. However, do you feel like it invades too much privacy? After all it’s one thing to see the house they’re staying in, but it’s something a little different to see Angie sitting out on the private property.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen them on private property and on the one hand it’s nice to peek in on a little slice of life, but on the other hand, how weird would it be for one of us to go out on our porch for a cup of coffee or to read a book while knowing that somewhere someone was taking pictures?

What do you think?

Images used with permission from Splash News Online.