28 Pop Culture Moments You Won’t Believe Happened 20 Years Ago — Get Ready to Feel Old

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Am I the only one who still thinks back to the '90s when anyone refers to “10 years ago”? It really feels like yesterday I was pinning up posters of N'SYNC and Justin Timberlake in my closet (cut out from Teen Beat magazine, of course), running home from the bus stop to feed my Tamagotchi, and having sleepovers that revolved around watching TGIF. Everything was just so much simpler back then.

Yesterday, fans celebrated the 20-year anniversay of the first book from the Harry Potter series — but JK Rowling and her gang aren't the only people celebrating the big two-oh this year: check out 28 pop culture moments that happened back way, way back in 1997.

Photo: Nickelodeon