The 11 Most Racist Comments We’ve Gotten For Our Coverage Of The Annie Remake

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As awesome as our commenters are most of the time, there's nothing that makes racists come out of the woodwork like non-traditional casting. You put a black person like Quvenzhané Wallis in one traditionally white role like the lead in the Annie remake, and suddenly people who have never commented on the site before are scampering all over it, endlessly raising the bar on ignorance.

You see, even though Quvenzhané is so extremely talented as to have actually garnered an Oscar-nomination before her ninth birthday and filmed roles in two Best Picture nominees before her tenth, she simply can't play the role. Why? Because she's black, OF COURSE. Can't believe you guys didn't realize that race is a much bigger arbiter of talent than talent. Racism forever.

Of course, we don't actually think that, but you'd be surprised how many people do, particularly by how many were willing — nay eager — to tell us so on our last post making fun of all the Twitter racists out there who were mad that the new Annie is black. So without further ado…the eleven most racist reactions that we've gotten over this remake so far.

And if you think your liver can handle it, try drinking every time someone includes the phrase, “I'm not racist, but…” in their answer. (Spoiler alert: you'll end up in the hospital.)

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Starting with one of the milder ones — less racist than just thoughtless — this person has a problem with the fact that in the original, Annie was persecuted because her hair color made her less-than. Is it just me, or could we substitute the word ‘skin' for ‘hair' in that theory and come up with a really compelling reason for Annie's race to be changed up the way it was for the remake?

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Ah yes. The reverse racism argument. If it's okay for a black person to play a character that originated as a Caucasian cartoon character, why isn't it okay for a white person to play our real life black president? Facepalm.

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But not to be deterred, Andie presented another example, which commenter Sri countered much more thoughtfully and intelligently than I ever could, so I'll include her response instead of fumbling around trying to come up with something half as coherent:

“The Cosby family was one of the first tv families that showed that a black family could be well educated and full of positive role models. Their existence was, in part, created to show a sharp contrast to the gang images and dysfunction presented in other popular media. That's why recasting them as white would be racist. If they're white, it's just like pretty much every other sitcom. You lose all of the commentary. Basically, you'd be taking away roles for black actors (which are proportionally rare already), taking away the message and positive role models, and making what basically amounts to a Growing Pains remake.”

See what I mean? So well said.

Annie 8

I can actually fully imagine that happening, as roles for people of color are constantly appropriated and given to white actors. Including in many of the classics that this commenter seems to hold so dear! Think of all the occasions where white actors were in blackface or had their eyes taped to mimic an Asian character.

Annie 7

Nothing more to say here, Sam already killed it.

Annie 10

You feel free to start making your own movies, Carlos, and you can put whomever you like in them. That's everybody's right.

Annie 11

In a related conversation talking about how ‘every' traditionally white role went to black people, Sam asked Carlos to give some examples. He named…a franchise that never actually starred a black man, the franchise that just got racist backlash of its own for casting Michael B. Jordan, THE SAME MOVIE WE WERE ALREADY TALKING ABOUT, a really ridiculously terrible television show that was immediately canceled, and then he couldn't think of any more. Well played, sir.

Annie 9

“Quvenzhane Wallis is a talented little girl and will be great in a lot of things but she's not Annie and Jamie Foxx is not Daddy Warbucks.”

And yet they are.

Annie 6

Hooooo boy. Way to troll with your first and last name, idiot. You've gotta be kidding me.

Annie 1

And finally, my favorites. In the worst way. Me-Me doesn't like seeing black kids in a role she grew up seeing as a white girl. BUT DON'T WORRY SHE CAN EXPLAIN…

Annie 2…she just doesn't like black people, okay?

Can't. Just can't. Dead.

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