In Normal Hollywood News, Anne Hathaway Is Starving Herself For A Role

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You know what would shock me? If I heard the news that a movie cast an actress because she was absolutely perfect for the role. No hair, weight, make-up or even wardrobe changes needed. Just a healthy dose of  “you do you!”

You know what doesn't shock me? Reading about Anne Hathaway being forced to go on a starvation diet to lose weight for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.

In a Daily Mail story that involves using the phrase Anne Waste-Away in the title, they say Anne's on an incredibly strict 500 calories per day diet.

It is believed that Anne has lost around 16lbs in just three weeks in preparation for the beginning of shooting. A source told the Daily Mail earlier this month:  ‘Anne is playing a destitute factory worker-come-lady of the night.

‘Unfortunately, she only has 15 to 20 days to lose as much weight as possible – up to a stone-and-a-half – because she’s been filming the scenes showing her fit and healthy, almost slightly chubby.

‘It’s not ideal but, as with any high-budget movie, there are strict time constraints.

‘Producers have assigned her a personal trainer and she is literally eating nothing more than a couple of apples a day, and some protein – mainly in the form of a shake.'

Gaining and losing massive amounts of weight is pretty standard in Hollywood these days. In fact it's so standard that major film critics criticized Jennifer Lawrence for looking too healthy in The Hunger Games. How could anyone believe that an actress with hips could pass as a starving teenager?

So actresses like Anne Hathaway do the “right” thing, lose shocking amounts of weight and look emaciated for their role — and still get slammed in the media as “Anne Waste-away.” You just can't win in Hollywoodland.

Meaning we should all just agree that going forward celebrities should not have to lose weight for a role. That we're all able to see past someone's body and understand that just because someone's playing a starving prostitute in a movie doesn't mean she's starving in real life. Her acting abilities should be able to speak to that experience more than her body shape.

Unless of course we want to continue seeing headlines like Anne Waste-Away. If that's the case, then keep the 500-calorie restricted diets coming. I'm sure The Daily Mail has a few more clever puns like that all ready for the next revealing photo.

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