Anne Hathaway Lost All That Weight For Realism, But Also For Bikini Season

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Anne Hathaway bikini skinny Les Miserables starving herselfLast month, we were shocked to see Anne Hathaway suffering for her art: The actress lost 16 pounds in just three weeks before she began shooting Les Miserables, in which she plays emaciated factory-worker-turned-lady-of-the-night Fantine. But it seems her 500-calorie-a-day diet has provided her with a small reward, aside from starring in a musical blockbuster—Us magazine got these photos of a skinny Anne romping in the water in a skimpy black bikini. Perhaps Anne had an ulterior motive in slimming down…

I'm kidding, mostly. Anne was in Miami for designer Valentino‘s 80th birthday; presumably she's finished her Les Mis scenes, since (spoiler) Fantine dies in the beginning. But honestly, even if Anne did plan this outing so that she could be super-skinny in a bikini, in the warm weather, before returning to the colder climate of New York and putting on enough weight to go back to a healthy size for her body type… Who can blame her? She might as well reap the benefits of the last few weeks of sacrifice.

Photo: Pichichi/Splash News Online