Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Doesn’t Mean She’s Too Good for Princess Diaries 3, If Only It Did

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Princess Diaries saw me when I was invisible

Princess Diaries 3 might be a thing that's going to happen, guys. While some of you are probably blasting “Miracles Happen” (Oh Myra, why didn't they happen to you?) and doing your happy dance, I'm over here thinking, “Are we really sure we want this?” Well, Garry Marshall and Anne Hathaway sound pretty sure.

Marshall, who directed the first two films, spoke to People about the possibility of a threequel, saying Anne's totally up for it once she pops out that baby.

“I was with Anne Hathaway a couple weeks ago, it looks like we want to do Princess Diaries 3 in Manhattan. Anne Hathaway is very pregnant, so we have to wait until she has the baby and then I think we're going to do it.”

Part of me thinks it's really cool of Anne Hathaway to be up for returning to her roots, even after winning an Oscar and everything. (Have you heard she won an Oscar?!) But another part of me is almost certain that Anne called Garry up last night and was all, “Haha, so hey, I saw that quote you gave to People. You know we were joking about that, right? Just silliness. Did I tell you I have an Oscar? You might have forgotten.” And then still another part of me is hoping this just doesn't happen.

Look, I love the original Princess Diaries. Eleven-year-old me was obsessed with it, and I thought Mia Thermopolis was the coolest. (Forget the princess part, I just wanted to live in a firehouse and say “Shut up!” when I was surprised by something.) But the second movie… eeeeehhhhhh. So it follows that a third installment would be EEEEEEEEHHHHHHH, if you know what I mean.

Garry Marshall doesn't mention whether Julie Andrews is up for returning, but he thinks he could convinced Chris Pine, who played the love interest in the second movie:

“Yes, well Chris Pine likes me, you know why? Because his father is in Mother's Day!”

Nice self-promotion there, Garry. Very impressive.

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