Anne Hathaway And Adam Shulman Look Way Too Normal In These Photos

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Anne Hathaway And Adam Shulman Look Way Too Normal In These Photos anne hathway adam shulman jpg

While promoting the little-known indie film Les Miserables in New York City, Anne Hathaway strolled around town with her husband Adam Shulman. This by itself would not by newsworthy. However what makes these photos worth talking about are the fact that they look way too normal in the photos.

Just look at them! There’s a good chance that you could be walking down the street next to them and not even notice that they’re celebrities. First of all, why are they wearing coats and hats and all those other horribly unattractive accessories that us normals wear? Everyone knows celebrities can afford that surgery that makes you unable to feel cold. It’s how they always show up to cold places looking glamorous and chic. Whereas as you show up, pull off your hat and end up looking like Marv after he got electrocuted in Home Alone.

Second of all, this is all Anne Hathaway’s fault for marrying a regular human being. This is why we typically don’t allow actors and non-actors to date. The actors always wind up turning into our neighbors, normal people who do normal things. They already take their dog on walks together. You can bet your bottom dollar that if Anne Hathaway married another celebrity, that dog would be walked by an assistant. Maybe even the assistant of her assistant.

At the rate they’re going, they might actually raise their own children, do their own dishes, brush their own teeth. Can you imagine? I feel like the mayor in Pleasantville when all the people started turning colors. I’m sure you feel the same. Us normals have to stick together in order to keep our celebrities celebrities. Otherwise we’ll have no one to read about in the waiting room.

Anne Hathaway And Adam Shulman Look Way Too Normal In These Photos Anne Hathaway Adam Shulman Couple jpg