‘Anne Hathaway’ Sings About Her Oscar Aspirations To The Tune Of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’

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It should be clear by now to anyone with the ability to read and/or listen to interviews that Anne Hathaway is a shoe-in for the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in Les Miserables. But between her acting, her weight loss, and her ultimate sacrifice (looking pretty), it can be hard to keep track of all the reasons. Thankfully, someone made a video racpping all of them for us in song.

In a new video called “For Your Consideration,” an Anne Hathaway lookalike sings about all the reasons she's going to win to the tune of “I Dreamed A Dream.” Rhyming reasons include:

“I played a prostitute who died/her life was really sad and awful”

“I was bold and unafraid; I let them give me this new haircut”

“And I lost half my bodyweight/but then they never did a wideshot.”

“And though I had to blow my nose/I did it all in one take, bitches.”

Even though it's a (very gentle) parody, I can't help noticing singer/actress Emma Fitzpatrick has a really great voice. Looking at her IMDB page, it appears she's already been in a few notable things (CSI: New York, The Social Network), so I'm going to go ahead and call her a person to watch. Maybe she will be the one getting made fun of for wanting to win an Oscar someday.

(Via Youtube)