Video: Anne Hathaway Broke Her Arm And Kept It A Secret, Hides Some Things Better Than Others

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Anne Hathaway took her turn promoting Les Miserables on The Ellen Degeneres Show today, and while she failed to match Amanda Seyfried‘s levels of rapping frog greatness,  she dropped a small bombshell of her own: this past year, she broke her arm and managed to keep it secret.

She elaborated: right after Batman press came out, she broke her arm falling off her bike, but she didn't want people to think of Catwoman as an adorably clumsy rom-com heroine who can't ride a bike, so she hid it from the world. But now that Batman is over, we are allowed to know endearing things about Anne Hathaway the person again, so she spilled. Well played, Anne Hathaway!

I find it somewhat ironic that she was sneaky enough to hide a whole broken arm from the paparazzi's prying eyes but not sneaky enough to hide her relatively tiny vulva, but no matter. I also think she could have delivered the news better in the following ways:

1.) This did not need to be a throwaway line at the end of a list of things she's accomplished in her 29th year. A big reveal with lights and sexy dancing casts would have been nice. Perhaps a rap about how she's trickier than the paparazzi thinks she is.

2.) She did not need to add “but I couldn't keep my wedding a secret” at the end, because duh. A wedding is a large, multi-person affair that involves a lot more planning and people than breaking one's arm, Anne Hathaway.

That said, I still have to give her props. Keep working on that uneven ability to hide things and be careful on your bike, Anne Hathaway.

(Via TheEllenShow)