I Dreamed a Dream I Was a Guest at the Wedding of Anne Hathaway Last Night

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Our favorite regular gal-turned-Genovian-princess Anne Hathaway tied the knot with her fiancé, Adam Schulman last night in typical, picture-perfect celebrity fashion.  In the dream I dreamed of Anne's wedding, Jean Valjean Hugh Jackman serenaded the bride as she floated down the isle in her Princess Diaries wedding gown.  My subconscious also told me that out of the 100 guests reported to have attended, Julie Andrews was not just merely a guest but the maid of honor.  And if Raven Symone wasn't at the actual wedding, she most definitely helped organize the mattress surfing antics of Anne's bachelorette party.



As far as the groom goes, he doesn't seem to be in trouble with the IRS or involved in any sort of Ponzi scheme, so that already puts him leaps and bounds above Anne Hathaway's ex, the schmoozy Italian crook that we barely remember.  She and Schulman have been together for four years and became engaged last fall.  She gushed about her betrothed to USA Today earlier this year:

“I am very much in love with him, only Adam totally ruined my plan. I was really actually looking forward to a little alone time, and then I fell in love like a fool!”

Happens to the best of us, Anne.  Anyway, congratulations to Princess Mia Thermopolis Fantine Anne Hathaway and her new husband!


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