Anne Hathaway Hates Katie Holmes For The Most Obvious Reasons

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Anne Hathaway as Katie Holmes

Well here's a fun fact to share with the ladies during your afternoon mah jong game today: Anne Hathaway hates Katie Holmes. Why? Because it's Tuesday — and assuming we all use the same day planners, then we know that Tuesday's our weekly day for nonsensical catfights that have zero basis in reality. So with that in mind, let's roll up our sleeves and begin!

The good folks over at The National Enquirer spoke to a source recently and were kind enough to share the source's insider info with us.

“Anne and Katie are longtime rivals…Anne puts forth a very genial, friendly image, but she has a wick­ed competitive streak. She doesn’t like Katie because they used to go up for similar roles. Anne always felt like Katie used her Hollywood connections through Tom to advance her career. And she constantly makes fun of Katie behind her back, mocking her former marriage and even her appearance. Simply put, there is no love lost between Anne and Katie. It all comes down to the fact that Anne doesn’t take Katie seriously as an actress. And Katie’s gotten Anne’s message loud and clear.”

Where oh where to begin with this juicy gossip that seems like it came out of nowhere. First of all, Anne doesn't make fun of Katie behind her back. She did in front of her face when she impersonated her on Saturday Night Live. Second of all, after she did this impression she told Ellen DeGeneres that she loves Katie Holmes — and basically it's not her fault that she can do a good Katie Holmes impression.

Third of all, Katie and Anne have completely different acting careers. If Anne Hathaway made fun of every well-connected actress that's not as talented as her, she'd have no time left in her day to do anything else. Because in case everyone's missed it, Anne Hathaway's an “it” actress right now. Sure maybe she and Katie Holmes both went up for the role of Samantha Mackenzie in First Daughter and Katie got it. But who cares now? She's going to win an Oscar for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables. Katie Holmes, on the other hand, will probably only get nominated for an honorable mention for her efforts to do the whole Broadway thing.

So I highly doubt that Anne Hathaway's spending any of her time gossiping about Katie Holmes. Not when she can be talking trash about former co-stars like Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale and Julie Andrews.

Now Katie Holmes on the other hand? She has a reason to be playing the Hathahate game with the rest of America.