Anne Hathaway And Jimmy Fallon Singing Broadway Versions Of Hip Hop Songs Will Start Your Day With Pizzazz

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Jimmy Fallon Anne Hathaway we dont give an F

Anne Hathaway is slowly creeping out of her hibernation and rejoining society after taking a hiatus from the spotlight to allow our hate for her to subside. I don't know about you, but seeing her on The Tonight Show last night made me feel A.) impressed with her for realizing the public needed a break and taking a step back for the sake of her image, and B.) like a total dick for driving her to have to do that. When she took the mic to join Jimmy Fallon in singing Broadway versions of hip hop songs, I was also reminded of how fun she can be.

Jimmy Fallon is sort of the king of turning things into other things, particularly types of songs into types of other songs. This time the hip hop songs he and Anne choose to perform sound jazzy and fabulous in the style of Broadway. Anne's kind of the perfect choice for a segment like this, because if Hollywood were a cafeteria, we know she'd sit at the theater geeks' table. Oh, and she also happens to have a great voice and won an Oscar for starring in a musical, so that doesn't really hurt either. It also doesn't hurt that they included a few choice curse words here and there. Hearing the F word sung like it's the classiest word in the English language is beyond entertaining.

Be sure to watch until the end, when Anne gets a dig in at her “Hathahaters.” That's right, you guys, Anne Hathaway knows the nickname for her detractors and she's not afraid to call them out while singing a Broadway version of a hip hop song. As we all probably know, the best way to get back at your enemies is to do it through show tunes.

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