In The Anne Hathaway-James Franco Feud, Anne Will Be Forced To Do All The Fighting Herself

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Anne Hathaway 85th Annual Academy Awards 24 February 2013

Our good friend Source has been talking to RadarOnline about Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Ugh, why is Source talking to them when they can't even bother to return my calls about going bowling? Typical Source. In an article titled “The Wrath of Anne! Hatha-Hater James Franco Upsets Les Miserables Star Once Again,” Radar tells us that Anne has taken her wrath out of storage to be mad at James Franco for comments he made on Howard Stern's show recently. Comments in which he said Anne didn't want him to talk about the Hatha-Hater issue but then talked about it anyway.

According to the Source:

“Anne can’t believe James has openly discussed the past and how they aren’t really on talking terms anymore,” a source tells Radar.

“She thinks he did it purely to drum up publicity for Spring Breakers. But, as far as she’s concerned, James pulled an unprofessional move by talking about her during the interview with Howard Stern.

“Stern did provoke Franco, but he didn’t have to respond. And she couldn’t believe that he said he understands why people dislike her.”

I think I speak for everyone when I say that if Source is telling the truth, this would be a very bizarre but rather entertaining feud to witness. Because just like at the Oscars, Anne and James are a strange pairing. I imagine their feud would be just as mismatched.

I can picture it now. It would be just like at the Oscars. James would take the same approach he did then: look at his phone a little bit without listening to Anne, respond to everything she says with a sleepy grin, and then go cross “Feud with Anne Hathaway” off his bucket list. This feud would probably be over for James before it even began, just like he was done hosting the Oscars before he even walked onto the stage. And just like at the Oscars, Anne will have to pick up the slack by displaying enough rage for the both of them. And then inevitably everyone will complain that her wrath was just too over-the-top, and they should have just gotten Billy Crystal to do the feud.

I'm personally just looking forward to all the costume changes Anne will make during the feud.

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